OccupEye: Workplace Space & Occupancy Management Technology

OccupEye is a sensor-based solution from FM:Systems that is allowing organisations all over the world to analyse vital workspace utilisation data to a level of detail and accuracy never before possible. In order to realise significant savings through improved space utilisation, it is essential that facilities, real estates and space managers first find more innovative and robust means of tracking how efficiently space is utilised in the workplace.

By efficiently optimising space, OccupEye will also allow energy managers to deliver energy savings via intelligent building management. For example, if your company has 300 employees spread disparately across 5 floors, you are effectively running an inefficient building and more than likely to be receiving excessive utility bills. OccupEye sensors will allow energy managers to easily identify and analyse utilisation trends e.g. peaks and troughs. As a result, the managers can relocate staff accordingly, use the data for energy audit reports and significantly reduce energy costs.

OccupEye is a fully integrated system that enables users to capture and analyse true 1:1 workspace utilisation figures in real-time, offering the perfect solution to a significant challenge. The solution comprises an unlimited number of wireless workplace utilisation sensors which transmit utilisation data to a small number of strategically positioned network receivers, which in turn feed the ‘raw’ occupancy logs back to client specific cloud-based analytics systems.

Our wireless OccupEye sensors are lightweight, compact and uniquely portable, allowing for flexible deployment in monitoring both room utilisation and/or individual workspaces. Through our state-of-the-art web-based dashboard, users enjoy absolute control over data reporting and analysis. Various levels of detail can be applied to each sensor, allowing for quick and easy performance comparison at whatever level your project demands!

The OccupEye Sensor

OccupEye workspace utilisation sensors are designed and built specific to the task of accurately and efficiently monitoring workspace utilisation in today’s office environment. Based on passive data collection technology (PIR), OccupEye sensors are triggered by both motion and heat, ensuring that the system is ultra-sensitive, yet ultra-reliable when it comes to tracking real-time 1:1 space utilisation.

Battery powered, OccupEye workspace utilisation sensors are completely wireless and have been developed to offer users maximum flexibility. With OccupEye, a single unit can be used to monitor individual desk utilisation and defined staff workspace, as well as larger areas such as meeting rooms and break-out zones. Alongside this, they can be integrated with desk booking or hot desking and safe space solutions. Sensors can be mounted under desks, on walls, on ceilings, or even under chairs – whichever configuration best suits your need! The lightweight, sleek design makes for easy transfer and discrete mounting, meaning that accommodation managers can re-deploy units quickly and easily on an on-going basis with no fuss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) How will OccupEye make savings for my organisation?

A.) With our industry-leading knowledge and extensive client experiences, we are confident that you will find a significant number of workspaces underutilised or discover that employees need more space. The data collected by the OccupEye sensors will help your organisation to decide if you want to bring in or move out staff from one building to another. OccupEye will also help you to make informed decisions regarding hot-desking and/or flexible working, allowing your organisation to optimise vital space and reduce property running costs.

Q.) Can I add further sensors to my existing order?

A.) Certainly! OccupEye is a totally scalable solution and allows you to add further sensors at any point after a purchase or during a rental. This is a key feature that sets us apart in the market, providing yet another reason to choose OccupEye.

Q.) Can OccupEye be redeployed once we have completed a utilisation study?

A.) Absolutely! OccupEye is the only workspace utilisation solution on the market that allow customers the flexibility to move sensors. For a small consultancy fee, we can train your staff to redeploy the sensors; alternatively, if you prefer, our installation engineers are more than happy to provide assistance. Call our sales team on 011 844 9900 to organise a convenient date.

Q.) How long will the batteries last?

A.) OccupEye sensors operate on low power, consuming very little energy and with an average battery life of around 2 years.

Q.) We would be interested in integrating OccupEye sensor technology with a number of existing building management and facilities software packages – would this be possible?

A.) Absolutely! We boast 30 years of data management experience and the OccupEye solution offers an API for platform integration, along with a number of other data availability options, such as SQL, CSV, XML and ODBC. As a result, OccupEye can be easily integrated with other systems. To find out more, take advantage of a FREE online or on-site demonstration.

Q.) Will OccupEye have an impact on our existing IT network?

A.) No! OccupEye is totally flexible in the way it can be deployed on a customer site. OccupEye offers you the freedom to integrate it with your existing IT infrastructure. Alternatively, we can install the system to operate as a private standalone system; this method of deployment is applied where the customer prefers OccupEye not to run on its active network.

Q.) How much does it cost per sensor?

A.) In order for us to propose specific costs, we would need to understand your requirements in more detail. To request a specific quote or indicative costs (we offer price breaks on a sliding scale e.g. the higher the quantity, the lower the unit price), please call us on 011 844 9900 or email info@kathea.co.za

– Contact Kathea for more information and pricing on our FM:Systems solutions!


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