Microsoft Teams Displays

Let us be honest, one screen just does not do it anymore with multiple applications open. I can personally see increased productivity and better planned meetings by being able to just seeing my calendar on a personal device like this. Multi-tasking is something that everyone needs to do and now being able to join a sales call from a device like this makes life a lot easier.

Below is an extract from Microsoft’s website with all the features that it will support.

1. All-in-one dedicated Teams devices
Microsoft Teams displays bring together your favorite Teams features: chat, meetings, calls, calendar, and files into a single device, promoting human connection in the remote workplace. With Teams displays, you can enjoy a high-quality microphone, camera, and speakers (or Bluetooth headset) for a reliable calling and meeting experience.

Formfactor w PC.pngDedicated Teams devices like Bluetooth headsets (left) and displays (center) create a more reliable calling and meeting experience.

2. Glanceable ambient personalizable displays
Microsoft Teams displays help you stay on top of your busy work with always-on displays highlighting important activities and notifications and removing distractions from your primary work device. Also, you can personalize your Microsoft Teams displays by changing your wallpaper and additional personalization options will become available.

Microsoft Teams Displays2.pngMicrosoft Teams displays can be personalized to include wallpapers and highlight important activities and notifications.

3. Hands-free voice assistance with Cortana
Microsoft Teams displays allow you to speak in natural language to effortlessly join and present in meetings, dictate replies to a Teams chat, and more. You can make requests to Cortana like “What is on my calendar today?”, “Share this document with Megan”, “Join my next meeting”, “Add Joe to this meeting”, “Present the quarterly review deck”.

4. Better together with your PC
Microsoft Teams displays seamlessly integrate with your PC to bring a companion experience that allows for seamless cross-device interaction. You can easily lock and unlock both devices from your connected PC, open files or messages then easily transition to your PC, and join meetings from either device with a distributed meeting experience across both devices.

Better Together.pngUsing Microsoft Teams displays allows for a distributed meeting experience across devices.

5. Enterprise privacy, security, and compliance
Microsoft Teams displays ensure user’s privacy and meets enterprise-grade security and compliance in several ways:

  • With a camera shutter and microphone mute switch, users can feel assured that your conversations and video will remain private.
  • IT admins can securely manage, update, and monitor Microsoft Teams displays through the Teams admin portal.
  • Users will securely sign in with their enterprise Azure Active Directory credentials.
  • Voice assistance experiences are delivered using Cortana enterprise-grade services that meet Microsoft 365 privacy, security and compliance commitments.
MicrosoftTeams-image (10) (1).png

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