Sales people of the future

There are so many training courses on being a motivated and professional sales person. There are certain type of clothes to wear, cars to drive, presentation skills and sales tips but are you prepared for the future way of selling?

You might think that the lockdown measures are temporary but for me it has open a new way of meeting and interacting with clients. I want to share with you my success in times like these so that you can learn from it with these 6 simple steps.

  1. Stay healthy
  2. Be prepared
  3. Dress up
  4. Be punctual
  5. Have a great internet connection
  6. Have a great meeting platform
  7. Have a great quality video camera
  8. Have a good headset

We ready daily about the first 3 answers I gave in different blogs so in short I will touch on these topics. Get a good nights rest, eat healthy and stay fit so that you can stay focused daily. Don’t take working from home for granted and prepare like any other day for meetings and calls with clients. Don’t sit in your pajamas but dress for the success you would like to see.

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Point nr 4 is where I see a lot of people failing because they show up 5 – 10 minutes late for a meeting, this is never acceptable because you need to respect your clients time, even if you know them. Show clients you still respect their time.

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There is nothing like showing you are unprofessional like a bad internet connection, yes for a while people will accept that you might have a bad day of internet connection but get a sim card for a small router as a back up. This will show that you are professional and ready to handle your clients support after a sale and will put them immediately at ease that you are ready for any unforeseen challenge.

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A phone call meeting just is not a meeting anymore but a check in, today the video world is a requirement but building something of an open source platform that cannot handle video conferencing systems is just not acceptable. In a wave to save costs companies have tried it because they think everyone should join in via a web browser, but professional clients have boardroom systems in place. Rather use one of these platforms Microsoft Teams, Pexip, YealinkMeeting or Zoom.

A laptop camera is great to use for calling colleagues, family or friends but for showing your clients that you are professional, that is something different. Having a 4K USB camera is what makes your home experience in meetings so much greater for your clients. This is like walking into a meeting room and your clients has a look at how you have dressed, and feel comfortable already with you.

Sound quality is so important when having meetings online, your dog will still bark and the Hadeda will still cry but can your clients hear you? The simple answer is yes but the moment they have to frown or ask can you repeat yourself, you have lost their attention. A sale is done if you have their attention so make sure you do not lose momentum in your meeting with a bad quality headset.

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