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FM:Systems’ Integrated Full-Service Room Booking Solution & Occupancy Sensors

Get Smart & Connected with FM:Systems’ Integrated Full-Service Room Booking Solution and Occupancy Sensors.

Do you know if your employees spend the majority of their day at their desks? Or do they move around the office depending on what they are working on?

Do you know if your remote employees are productive when they are on site? Or do they have trouble finding their way around the office?

Get Smart

Workplace Occupancy Sensors

Real-time data about how your employees use the workplace enables you to optimize and design a work environment that is easy to navigate, and invest in the assets that will boost

employee productivity.

Hardware Specifications

FM:Systems’ intelligent workplace sensors are designed and built to accurately monitor and report on levels of occupancy, utilization and the environment, giving you real-time insight into your workplace utilization. Based on passive data collection technology (PIR), the sensors are most commonly explained to be triggered by a combination of motion and head from the human body, ensuring that the system is ultra-sensitive, yet ultra-reliable when it comes to tracking real-time 1:1 space utilization.

Get Connected

Full Service Room Scheduling

Remove complexity and stress from the workday by making it easy for people to move around your space, eliminating room scheduling conflicts, and adding convenience to processes to utilize office resources.

Integration Overview

FM:Systems’ Occupancy Sensor data is easy to access via your the interactive floorplan and easily shared with our Full-Service Room Booking solution to trigger configurable events such as reservation check-in and no-show cancellations.

How it Works

1. Sensor-Enabled Reservation Check-In/Out

Create a no-touch experience with sensors that more accurately capture the true utilization of the space

2. Sensor-Enabled Early Reservation Release

Open up rooms when sensors detect inactivity, indicating that a meeting has ended early

3. Room Scheduler Driven Auto Release

Configure software to automatically release a reservation if the meeting organizer does not arrive

4. Room Scheduler Email Notifications

Notify users when a recurring meeting has been canceled to allow the meeting organizer to take action or free up space for others.

– Contact Kathea for more information and pricing on our FM:Systems solutions!

Johan van Niekerk, Executive Head of Workspace Management

011 844 9939 / 074 456 3280

Workspace Quoting Desk

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