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New touchscreen platforms: CTOUCH Riva and CTOUCH Canvas

The CTOUCH Riva is an all-in-one touchscreen­­­­­ platform, specifically designed for education and small businesses. This touchscreen can be used as a standalone touchscreen, or simply be upgraded by adding a BRIX module.

With the CTOUCH Riva any user will be able to easily share their screen to the audience, write the smartest ideas on the interactive whiteboard and truly inspire everyone in the room. This touchscreen’s operating system is based on Android 8. The display is equipped with high quality Triple S glass and comes with TrueBeam Touch technology, which ensures a natural handwriting experience.

The CTOUCH Riva will be commercially launched in Q2, 2020.

The CTOUCH Canvas is specifically designed for small and medium businesses, and higher education with a business grade security level. This touchscreen can be used in environments which require the highest security standards.

The display is equipped with the latest InGlassTM technology by FlatFrog. In combination with optical bonding it delivers an extremely accurate writing experience. The full function USB-C allows users to connect the latest devices by using just one cable. While connected, data, sound and touch will be transferred and the external device will be charged at the same time.

The CTOUCH Canvas has a new touchable design, which encourages people to touch the screen and collaborate. Most noticeable is its coloured rubber bezel which grabs attention and triggers first contact with the screen. Available colours are: regal orange, electric blue and midnight grey. The upholstery is made of special performance dark grey fabrics. It’s a wipe-cleanable hygienic and long-lasting material that looks and feels great! The display has touch sensitive control elements which have been placed on the left, front-facing side of the screen. This way, settings can be changed without blocking the screen.

The CTOUCH Canvas will be commercially launched in Q3, 2020.

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