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Counter Strike Global Offense – Day 1, game 1

So lock down has brought you here or maybe you would like to play CSGO as a new player. You will need to play a bit of casual and buy prime so that you have a bit if a better experience. This is one step to bypass hackers in the game but that is just the beginning of your journey to learn in this game.

First Competitive game

What you would like to do is learn to maps in casual and then start your game by learning 2 maps. Learn where to stand and where not, learn these maps as best as you can. Play Casual and play Death Match so that you get to know the different corners and areas.

Getting into the game, it starts with a warm up just so you can check you connection and just get into the mood. What you need is a stable internet, mic and somewhat good reaction when you start but then there will be the first group of people that calls hacks. If you feel that someone is hacking, report them and don’t make the whole game awkward for everyone. Be friendly and respect everyone here.

First half over

After a total of 15 rounds, you will play on the opposite side of the map, keep on playing as a team no matter the result.

At the end of the game, you will see everyone’s ranks but it is not something important until you have your own rank, you will get that after winning your first 10 games. Try and make friends with other silver players.

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