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Pexip Partners with Logitech to Bring the Pexip Meeting Room Experience to Market

Pexip and Logitech partnership brings AI-powered, immersive video collaboration from the desktop to the meeting room.

Combine Pexip software and Logitech hardware for a consistent end-to-end meeting experience:

  • Extends Pexip’s data privacy and security-first approach to the meeting room
  • Supports the growth of hybrid work by enabling workers to simply join any meeting on any platform, from home or the office
  • Organizations can deliver a consistent experience across their meeting rooms, whether deploying new video-enabled rooms or expanding their existing video estate

Pexip, a leading provider of enterprise video conferencing and collaboration solutions, has recently announced a partnership with Logitech to deliver a seamless, secure video conferencing experience for meeting rooms. Pexip will natively integrate with Logitech’s new generation portfolio of video conferencing solutions to provide a consistent end-to-end user experience from any location.

“We are thrilled to partner with Logitech to bring the Pexip meeting room experience to market. With its new Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, as well as Logitech RoomMate compute appliance, Logitech has created smart, high-quality video room hardware that enables us, for the first time ever, to bring our AI and video stack to meeting rooms of all sizes for a fully native Pexip experience. Logitech’s design and engineering philosophy is a perfect complement to Pexip’s, and together, we’re excited to help teams collaborate smarter, whether working from the office or at home,” said Giles Chamberlin, CTO and cofounder, Pexip.

With One-Touch Join, users can safely and easily join Pexip Meetings from a Pexip Room, the Pexip app on a mobile device or laptop, or through any web browser that supports WebRTC. The Pexip Room experience is secure by design, so users don’t have to enter a pin number or remember to lock the room. It’s also built with interoperability at the core so users can join any meeting they are invited to — even those hosted on different platforms. Everyone keeps their familiar workflows, regardless of how they join. Organizations can use their existing technologies with no need to rip-and-replace, while outfitting new conference and huddle rooms with flexible, interoperable Pexip Meetings.

The Pexip Room software will be available on Logitech’s video bars, Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, as well as Logitech RoomMate which all use the Logitech Tap controller as the user input device. The portfolio of all-in-one video bars and modular conference camera systems delivers the performance, installation ease, and device management tools to video-enable small, medium, large, and multipurpose rooms throughout the workplace. Pexip Room software will be available in Q1 2021, and to start, it will include One-Touch Join for Pexip Meetings, with additional functionality coming soon.

“As organizations plan for a post-COVID workplace, the ability to conduct secure, flexible meetings is more important than ever. With Pexip Room and its partnership with Logitech, Pexip can deliver an end-to-end meeting experience for browser, desktop, mobile, and meeting room users, enabling people to meet with anyone from home or the office. Given its security-first approach and unique technology architecture, Pexip is well-positioned to help enterprises, healthcare organizations, and government agencies address users’ changing needs in the hybrid work environment,” said Ira M. Weinstein, founder and managing partner at Recon Research.

“Our customers are demanding high-quality, open, interoperable solutions that can be deployed at scale in the hybrid workplace. We are very excited to partner with Pexip to combine the Logitech Rally Bar and next generation portfolio of products with Pexip Meetings to video enable every meeting space easily and cost-effectively,” said Sudeep Trivedi, Head of Alliances and Go-to-market, Logitech.

“Pexip breaks down collaboration barriers so everyone can meet, and the Pexip Room experience is an extension of this philosophy. In a time when human connection matters more than ever, Pexip is helping everyone be seen, heard, and included, regardless of whether they’re working from home or transitioning back to the office. Our AI-powered video engine provides for more seamless, secure communication from anywhere,” said Tom-Erik Lia, CCO of Pexip.

Article By: Gillian K. Dalslaaen – Pexip

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