Creating Planet Intelligence by

We have stumbled across this platform that helps forest industry companies, insurance companies, and asset investors to improve decision making with timely and accurate insights into natural resources.

Forest Intelligence

This includes insights into forest composition like tree species, tree height and diameter (DBH), tree growth & productivity, and harvesting insights. Providing near real-time intelligence into forest and wood inventory.

Combining satellite imagery and AI also unlocks insights that are not directly visible for the human eye. Insights into forest health & threats, like deforestation, drought, insect plagues, soil health, storm damage, and other forest disturbances. Resulting in more efficient use of resources and limited negative

Risk & Impact identification

Farming and agriculture can have a big impact on forests and nature in general. Agriculture is the biggest driver of deforestation and resources are often used unsustainably.

Our technology is leveraged by local farmers and NGOs to extract up-to-date land cover classification on a granular level and deeper insights into yields and productivity.

By looking at large areas of land with high spatial resolution and frequent revisits, is able to monitor coherence to zero-deforestation commitments.

Urban Green Space

Two-thirds of the global population will live in cities by 2050. Driven by climate change people are forced to move to cities, but cities are also under pressure of climate change. Heatwaves, air pollution, storms, and flooding are serious threats that affect millions of people on a daily basis.

Trees provide a nature-based and cost-efficient solution to manage these extremely stressful situations. uses city scans and monitoring services to gain insights into urban green spaces, like tree canopy cover, urban forest diversity, and air quality.

Our technology is also being leveraged by industry to monitor remote assets, such as electrical lines and train tracks, and their impact on nature and vice versa.

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